Joined API Developer Competition - Terms and Conditions


GeoMobile and HaptiMap have launched a competition for developers of innovative mobile applications based on the Joined API.



Joined helps you to locate your friends and to get the direction and distance to your friends by sound and vibration. Joined is available for free at the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. The Joined API is developed in the HaptiMap research project and enables users to build their own applications based on the Joined infrastructure.

Invitation to Participate to the Developer Competition

To encourage developers to include the Joined API in their applications, HaptiMap has launched a competition to reward innovative mobile applications that includes functionalities from the Joined API. For ideas on what type of applications can be benefit from the Joined API take a look at the Joined homepage.


HaptiMap has established a Joined Developer Competition Committee for the purpose of evaluating the apps, under the chairmanship of the GeoMobile GmbH. The committee is made up of senior researchers of the HaptiMap consortium who are familiar with accessibility design and the aims and capabilities of the Joined API. Following the deadline of the call, the Joined Developer Competition Committee team will screen all entries to ensure that they comply with the competition rules (“Competition Rules”). The committee members will then evaluate all qualifying submissions, based on the criteria of selection outlined in the next section. They will do so by first grading the proposals individually. Then, as a second step, they will convene and arrive at a consensus, by selecting the 3 top proposals. The committee’s decision on its selection will be final and there will be no right of appeal. Before announcing the results the committee will contact finalists in order to verify Joined API use in the apps.


The competition is open both for newly developed apps as well as existing apps that are updated using the Joined API. To enter the competition, the app implementation must make use of the Joined API. A number of criteria for selection will be used to make the final decision. These will include:


The following rules will apply:

Note: The Joined API uses infrastructure that is provided by GeoMobile (e.g. notification server for sending text messages). The Joined API is free of charge for the developer competition, but GeoMobile reserves the right to block users that disproportional use the services.

For conditions of using the Joined API in commercial and peak-load applications, please contact Bastian Baranski.


The winner of the Joined API Developer Competition gets a new high end smartphone (iPhone, or other).



Submissions that do not conform to these restrictions will not be considered. Initial submissions should include a demo (e.g. a screencast or screenshots) and a one page description of the app. Finalists will have to make their source code available (will be treated confidentially). All submissions should be in English or German. GeoMobile has launched a web site that introduces the Joined API for Android and iPhone.



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