The Joined API for Android contains an example application that demonstrates the following features.

  • Login with username and password
  • Show a list of friends
  • Start bearing to a friend

The example application is an Android project that can be found in the Joined-Adroid-API/joined-bearing-example folder. The example application utilizes the Joined Bearing API that provides a nice and easy to use bearing interface. The Android library project for the Joined Bearing API can be found in the Joined-Adroid-API/joined-bearing-api folder.


The example application does not implement advanced functionality as for instance user registration, showing the location of friends on a map or sending text messages to friends. To register as a new user and to invite other users to your friend list, please user the official Joined App for iPhone oder Android.

Login User

The example application requires the user to login at the Joined server with a valid user account. The user account can be created with the original Joined app (or with your own application that makes use of the Joined API).


Show Friends

After a successful login, the example application shows a friend list of the user. The user can use the original Joined app (or a selfmade application that makes use of the Joined API) to invite other users and to accept friend invitations.



You can click on a friend to display the location of a friend on a map or to start bearing a friend.


The map view shows the latest known location of the friend on a map.

Note: For using this functionality, the developer needs an individual Android Maps API key.


The bearing view shows the distance and the direction to the latest known location of the friend.