Welcome to the Joined API for Android!

Joined helps you to locate your friends outdoors at open-air festivals, crowded mass events and other strange environments. Joined not only shows the location of your friends on a map, it also provides the direction and distance to your friends by sound and vibration.

Joined is available for free at the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.

The Joined API for Android is developed in the Haptimap research project and enables users to build their own innovative applications based on the Joined infrastructure and the following functionality:

  • register and login as a new user
  • search and contact friends
  • show the location of friends
  • chat with friends
  • take a bearing of a friend

The following Joined API features are planned for the near future.

  • Enable push notifications (already implemented in the original Joined App)
  • Enable login with Facebook account (already implemented in the original Joined App)

Here's an overview of the steps you must follow to use the Joined API for Android.

The Joined API for iPhone can be found here .

If you have any further questions, please contact Bastian Baranski.